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How to Pick a Web Host So you’ve got a business website that you’re looking to have professionally hosted. There are practically thousands of web hosting companies these days. How can you tell which one is most suitable for you? Below are the most important things you should consider: Technical Requirements
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This has got to be the most critical question of all. You need a web hosting provider that can meet your site’s demands. For instance, how much storage space will you need, and does the cost fit your budget? How much bandwidth will they allow per month? If you exceed your monthly allotment, how much do you have to pay? To avoid surprises, get your answers in advance.
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Scalability This is another crucial matter. Even if your website’s needs are simple now, they will most likely grow over time, and you don’t want the trouble of finding another web host when it’s time to upgrade. Pick a web hosting company that provides enough room for you to grow. Web Design and Updates Will the company provide templates or help in any other way with your web design, or do you have to start from scratch? Templates can save the day for those who are not particularly web-savvy. As well, pick a web host that lets you make changes to your website quickly and easily, especially if your site contains time-sensitive information, such as the weather or fluctuating currency rates. Reports and Statistics The web host should either give you reports, or teach you how to run them yourself, so you can check how much traffic you’re getting, where they’re from, and if those visits are turning into sales. E-commerce Even if you’re not currently using e-commerce, you may want to later on; make sure your web host can is prepared for it. Reliability What type of spam-filtering services does the web host company provide? Are they part of your hosting fees, or do you have to pay extra? Check their uptime track record. Each time website is down, you can lose potential customers and revenue. Reliability is a big issue in web hosting. Customer Support What type of customer support is offered by the web host? Round-the-clock, seven days a week, or typical business hours? Whose business hours should be followed (if your host is from another time zone)? The idea is to get someone to assist you when needed, anytime and anywhere. Fine Print Prior to signing on the dotted line, review the web hosting provider’s Terms of Use policy carefully. All limitations or caveats to their “unlimited” package or money-back guarantee must be listed and discussed here. Payment Options What types of payment are accepted – credit cards, personal checks, PayPal? Do you pay per month or per quarter? Do you get a discount if you prepay? The Total Cost As always, price will be a main concern, but that’s not end of story. What’s most important thing is getting the level of web hosting service your company requires.