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Couples Counselling and What One Stands to Gain

Have you felt like your love story started like that of Romeo and Juliet only to die down after settling together for a while? It happens to most people. Feelings do cool off with time to allow for a deeper engagement. The decision made in respect to this may chart the course of a relationship to either build up or let go of each other all together. The latter is more often approached wrongly as people are wrongly convinced that they’ve lost love for each other not knowing it was just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. There is a huge chance of getting that conclusion challenged in counselling as well as getting a new lease as far as marriage life is concerned.

What couple counselling seeks to do is to bring back the one-ness of a couple. That involves taking back the hands of time to the moment where love came ever so naturally. This elates the couple since they get to remember days where their love mattered. Then next there is a time to reflect on where things started to fall apart and the marriage got stuck in a rut. It allows for a plan as to how the whole counselling will be approached and in a customized way at that . There is the part of identifying the endgame of what they would like their marriage to be and with that information on the table, the therapist has all the tools they need to facilitate the healing process.

Conflict resolution procedures form the next point of address. Most marital problems are birthed from inability to communicate feelings properly. People rush for cover if they feel all the stones are being thrown their way though they would have otherwise apologized if the matter was approached differently. Counselling makes that difference and helps couples find their way to resolving or accepting issues as they are depending on their magnitude. A value system that features tolerance , forgiveness and trust are made possible that way. While it might be hard to go past issues like affairs among many others one-ness, intimacy, respect and trust can be with time re-established with better conflict approaches.

Hard as it may be to accept not all relationships are built to last . It becomes very difficult for them as a couple to mend fences as a unit. As a matter of fact the couple might actually be better off on their own. Still even in this circumstances counselling is of utmost importance. Helping them set aside their differences and let go of any ill will that they may have towards each other is the main purpose of counselling in this case. This way they will be no bad blood between the people even as they each take their different ways.

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