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The Benefits of Loose Leaf Tea Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world across every culture. You can get a lot of benefits from drinking loose leaf tea that you can’t get when you drink bagged tea. You can enjoy greater health benefits when you brew loose leaf tea. The loose leaf teas have larger leaves which means it keeps more of the antioxidants. Preventing cancer, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, weight loss, and a boosted immune system can all be gained with loose leaf tea. Breaking down and processing the bagged tea reduces the amount of these great health benefits that you receive. To get the maximum amount of benefits, it should be brewed within six to eight months after drying. Loose leaf tea leaves are broken down like the tea dust in bags so they have a larger surface area. The natural oils are harmed when the leaves are broken down, so you get more on larger leaves. When the tea is full of these natural oils, it will smell and taste much better. Loose tea tastes fresher and cleaner than bagged tea. Bagged tea will tend to taste stale or murky in comparison. The only thing you gain with bagged tea is color, but you still lose the flavor.
A Simple Plan For Investigating Teas

A Simple Plan For Researching Teas
There is also a lack of variety with tea bags. The store may seem to have a lot of options, but a closer look will reveal only a couple of options. Not enjoying some of the flavors means even less to choose from. You open up a world of possibilities when you switch to loose leaf. White tea, green tea, oolong tea, and black tea are the kinds of teas. There are endless flavors to choose from in each of these categories. By the time you actually get bagged tea into your cup, it is already very old. The best kind of tea is young and fresh. By the time you buy bagged tea, it may already be too old to have good flavor. Even if it isn’t, that means you don’t have long before it all needs to be brewed. It takes less time to get loose leaf tea ready so it is sold fresher. If you are looking for a good gift to give to someone, loose leaf tea may be the answer. Since they probably use bagged tea, they are really going to love the difference in taste they get when switching to loose leaf. It would make a really nice gift to give them a few flavors and the equipment to enjoy it. This gift will get them hooked on a lifestyle change that will be good for them. This is a luxury everyone can afford and benefit from.