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Reasons Why You Should Use Pine Straw For Landscaping Using pine straw for landscaping has a number of advantages. Pine straws are known as a natural mulch for gardens. Pine straws are natural because they come from real pine trees. Pines straws can contribute in the growth of shrubs, plants and trees. Below are the advantages of pine straws in landscaping: A. The appearance of pine straws
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One of the advantages of pine straws is its appearance. Auburn is the color of pine straws. The color of pine straws is really beautiful. Once they are done raking the pine straws, they will clean it and then pack it. You do not need to immediately replace pine straws since its color last for a long time. This is why pine straws are much more better than other kinds of garden mulches. This can help you save your time.
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B. Pine straws are easy to apply It is easier to put pine straws in your landscape. When you use pine straws you can lessen your maintenance on your landscape. Pine straws can also eliminate and prevent different pests from destroying your landscape. C. Pine straws can control erosion Pine straws last for a long time, it cannot be easily wash away and it can even control soil erosion. This is why so many homes that always experience rain make use of pine straws. This is the reason pine straws are more popular than other types of mulches. D. Pine straws are lightweight It is easy to handle pine straws because it is lightweight. The weight is lighter than other kinds of mulches. The pine straws will be compressed in bales. E. Pine straws promote better health for plants and soil Pine straws can promote better plant and soil health The pine needles consist of nitrogen and this is why it will act as fertilizer when it decomposes. Pines straws are really great for shrubs, trees and plants. F. Pine straws can control weed Pine straws can control weed Weed growth are prevented by pine straws and this is why it can protect the trees and shrubs from getting destroyed. You need to insert pine straws at least 3 inches deep so it can eliminate and prevent weed from growing. The deeper the distance of your pine straw, the more protection it provides. Pine straws do not compact and this is why it offers a much better filtration of water. Pine straws has so much benefits in your garden and landscaping. Pine straws are good for ground covers. I would really recommend that you make use of pine straws in your landscape.