Business Information Systems Single Major

Business InformationThis course entry applies to students commencing this course in 2016 and must be study in conjunction with information supplied in the ‘Faculty information’ section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Data Technologies. Upon completion of the track, students will be capable to construct e-commerce solutions using numerous net architectures and design and style technologies, assemble electronic collaboration environments, and evaluate social networks in help of enterprise initiatives, propose e-commerce options for company difficulties and new enterprise initiatives, solve server to server net data exchange troubles, and clarify and propose extensions to e-commerce company models.

If you are hunting to acquire the training needed to start or develop your career, BCIT’s Business Information Technology Management (BITMAN) diploma system gives you a broad range of skills that make you stand out in virtually any market.

APIC’s e-Library hosts a collection of specialised papers and presentation slides often not identified in the on-line databases, and consists of a mix of academic and industry-focused research in project management, business and common management.

As with books, entrepreneurs and established organization owners (as nicely as corporate executives, human resource managers, and practically each and every other category of particular person involved in business) can turn to a range of periodical sources, each with its own target niche.

Electronic business marketing and advertising combines the study of information systems and marketing and advertising to prepare students for careers in fields such as e-commerce, digital advertising and marketing, social media, and Internet and mobile application development and solutions.