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Police Brutality – Why Does It Happen?

We believe that police are people whose job is to protect the community by preventing the crime. To ensure the safety of the whole community, most of the police officers are committed to protect the public. We are thankful to these police officers.

Unfortunately, there are law enforcers who do not follow their sworn duty which results to the violation of the rights of the citizens.In case like these, those who are victims of police brutality can claim legal actions against the abusive police and the department where they are assigned.

If you think that you or even your family is a victim of an abuse done by a law enforcer, you should contact a police brutality lawyer who is an expert in handling the case in order to practice your civil rights.

Police has a wide authority to do their duties. However, they should also know their limitations of their power. Any victims of police brutality can have legal claims when the police go beyond his limit of authority that leads to the injuries of the victim.
Below are the list of the different kinds of claims because of police brutality:

Police should only provide minimal amount of force that is needed to do their lawful duties. The force may be considered excessive based on the reasons why the police stop or arrest the person or how the person responded to the police’s demands, and other circumstances that may happen in the environment.

Another legal claim is the wrong arrest or imprisonment. The police may have brought the individual to imprisonment without a warrant of arrest. The police should hold a strong cause like the individual has proven to have committed certain crime before he or she can arrest the person.

The individual can claim for malicious prosecution when the police starts the proceedings without the definite cause, but with malice toward the victim, and the result of the proceedings is in the favor of the victim. This is because according to the law, no one should experience excessive emotional stress, financial expenses, and embarrassment, in any prosecution if there is no enough basis.

It is legal for police officers to use their force against any individual especially when they are provoked. However, it is punishable by law when there is an excessive force that leads to injury of death.

No matter what the reasons of the police are why they use their excessive power, they have be held liable for their actions Police brutality is many cases is considered difficult and tricky. This is the reason why you must contact an attorney who is skilled in handling police brutality cases. In this manner, you will be able to get the justice you need.

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