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How Do You Create a Video and Mobile Website That Gets Local Traffic? Because of the existence of technology, it is no longer surprising that most users of the internet watch countless number of videos online. It has been shown that a lot of web users view and click on video streaming sites provided in the internet with the likes of YouTube, MetaCafe, and so on. This is most definitely one of the reasons why making use of videos as a form of business marketing strategy is being done. Internet marketers from all parts of the world are now making use of video advertising and marketing as a form of advertisement. Some may assume that making videos to promote one’s products and services is hard; however, this is something that is not that difficult actually. Making a video within minutes is actually very possible for anyone who just knows how to read and follow certain instructions and has a web camera, mobile phone, or digital camera of his or her own. According to recent case studies, they have found that ninety-seven percent of videos being made are eventually viewed. Videos were found out to have that much staying power because of the high levels of perceived benefit. Numerous research studies also found out that about ninety-four percent of direct-marketing video recipients pass along a copy of their videos to another viewer. Video advertising has been found to be more beneficial compared with print advertising because they heighten a person’s senses more, that is, selling of one’s products and services is done using sounds, feelings, and sight. Once this fact is kept in mind, you are sure to be getting the attention of a lot of potential clients who are then more convinced to buy your products or services. Three major functions of direct-marketing videos are mentioned as follows. One must bear in mind that to create a video and mobile website that gets local traffic, these three things must be taken into careful consideration.
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1) Video direct-mail is a direct-marketing video strategy that e-mails your video directly to a particular contact list.
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2) Video direct-response is a form of direct-marketing video method wherein clients ask another video from you to be sent to them after they have seen one free video from you from a media source. 3) Video premium is the third type of direct-marketing video strategy where after your clients have purchased your videos, you then give them incentive videos either at a discounted price or for free. There are still some people who swear off having to use any form of video as marketing strategy because they think that it is expensive, yet they do not know that it does not necessarily have to be. Due to the recent cost decline of technologies being used in the market, it was determined that videos are less costly compared with prints. Locations, use of special effects, quality, and duration are just some of the factors that will greatly affect how much money you will be paying for your entire video production.