Pennsylvania SBDC

New BusinessEntrepreneurs usually report that getting financing is the most difficult aspect of beginning a organization. There is no doubt that social media presents an unprecedented advertising chance for organizations, but only if they know how to use it. If you can aid existing organizations integrate social media into their other marketing and advertising campaigns, you should have no problems producing a go of it.

Throughout the year, we’ve highlighted a number of of these modest, independent firms that have opened within the final five years or so in New York , San Francisco , Houston , Portland , Boston , New Orleans , Los Angeles , and Chicago , and now we’ve scoured the rest of the nation as nicely for inventive new ventures.

Use the office’s database to make positive your preferred company name is not already being used as a industrial asset and, if you currently have a logo created, register the special mixture of words and photos that make up your brand as a trade mark so other folks can not copy it.

If you decide to operate your company as a sole proprietor, you might want to file a trade name application Registering your trade name provides you specific statutory rights, including the proper to bring a civil action for misuse of your trade name and the correct to bring a civil action to cease the use or sale of any counterfeits.

Our on the internet Enterprise Tax Guidelines brochures and Enterprise Tax Frequently Asked Inquiries explain how to prepare a sales and use tax return, what enterprise records you need to maintain and a host of other essential topics for new business owners.