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The History Of Surgical And Other Hospital Clothing.

Many analysts record that the medical field is one of the most improved in history. The conduct of medicine and how it is practiced is the main effect for this change. Little or no research was done in the olden days. This is not the case in the modern world as a lot of research is being done singlehandedly and collectively when the need arises. Many people did not know the kind of diseases they suffered from and this made treatment very hard.

How hospital staff dress has really been improved. Clothing was never an issue in the past but until the medical field started improving, this was not left behind. Many surgical operators used to have only the clothes that they wore at other places and used to conduct operations in them. Butcher’s aprons were introduced in the theatre as professionals determined that it was going to prevent any kind of pathogens from affecting and infecting the patient and the whole procedure. In all this time, surgical operations were being conducted bare handedly.

A little more caution was taken with the development in the field and it was seen as an important thing that the surgeons be protected from possible infections from the patient. Disposable gloves came into the scene as they were seen to protect the surgeons. Face masks were later introduced for the surgeons.

It came to the awareness of professionals that specialists were being contaminated, and this prompted them to find specific attires to be used in the surgical rooms. Cleanliness was paramount in the rooms.

A solution had to be found to help the case. Scrubs were introduced as the better option to this solution. It consists mainly of a short sleeved shirt and draw string pants and can also be worn with an overcoat or waist long jackets with no lapels.

Like any other invention, there has to be a way in which scrubs are worn or even cleaned. It is required that one should not wear any other clothing inside the scrubs especially in the surgical rooms. Scrubs also cannot be white as this causes surgeon and staff eyes to strain when in a theatre given the lighting is also the same.

Many investors have taken it upon themselves to do the scrub business. They are marketable as this is one of the main attires used in the medical industry in many country. In some parts of the world, scrubs are also used as prison uniforms.

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