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Filing Your Car Accident Lawsuit

It isn’t easy to find a qualified car accident attorney. There are thousands of different variables to look at when you’re assessing your attorney. You will want to consider his or her history, and you should also look at their specialty.

You’ll also need to consider your payment options. Contingency fees are a common payment option. This means that the attorney is only compensated if the case is successful. An unsuccessful case will result in the client owing nothing. These rates can sometimes be negotiated. The standard rate for a settlement is thirty three percent. A trial will never be as safe as a settlement. Car accident attorneys compensate for this by charging higher fees for trials. Under these circumstances, a contingency fee may range from forty percent to fifty five percent. Reimbursement fees should also be part of your payment plan. This covers everything from travel expenses to copying costs.

Patience is a virtue. It can be particularly helpful when dealing with legal matters. Car accident insurance claims require a significant time investment. From the time of the accident to the time that you receive your payout can seem like an eternity. Write down all the relevant details from the scene of the accident. Without accurate names, license plate numbers, and insurance information, your claim will fail. Your injuries entitle you to financial restitution, and there are two ways to get it. The two possibilities are a settlement and a trial.

While piecing together your car accident claim, remember to write a few things about the place where the accident took place. Visibility, lighting, and the condition of the road should all be noted. Sometimes, though, there is just no replacement for a picture. Thoroughly photograph the location where the accident happened. If the vehicles were harmed in any way, try to include that in the photograph. It may also be beneficial to include pictures of the people involved.

As important as photographs are, they are only one step in the process. Collect contact information from the people that were at the scene. This includes drivers, witnesses, and police officers. It’s important that you have a way to follow up with these people. You’ll also want to make it a priority to get insurance information from the other drivers.

Now, you’ll need to call your insurance agency. You’ll want to be as thorough as possible when describing your accident. After that, take a few moments to call the other driver’s insurance company. Have a pen nearby so you can write everything down.

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