Tips on learning a second language faster

Learning a second language is not just a great career move, but it is also great for your brain. If you are learning one and finding hard to stay motivated, you have come to the right place. Since you have already decided to learn, you shouldn’t back out. There will come days when you feel you are not making much progress, but it’s ok. There is no shortcut to learn a second language in a matter of days, however, there are a few tips that make it easier to avoid hurdles and make progress. Let’s have a look:

Conversation matters

Classroom learning is not enough. You must involve in a real conversation with real people. At least have a one-hour conversation in the language you are learning.

Always carry a pocket dictionary

Whether it is a pocket dictionary or a dictionary app, you must keep either of them. In the beginning, you are going to struggle in your conversation even though you know the basics of the language you are learning. If you come across a new word, just quickly look up for its meaning. You are most likely to remember this word the next time.

You are going to mess up, accept it

Since you are learning, you will be learning like a child. You are going to make mistakes so cut yourself some slack and accept that it’s a slow and steady process of progress.

Keep on practicing it in your head

Even if you don’t find a teacher or a partner to practice your language skills with, challenge yourself to think in that language. Have a fake conversation in your head.  For instance, whenever you go for a morning run, describe whatever you see around you in the new language. This will help you learn the new language faster and kill the boredom.

Set up a learning routine

Why not set up a routine to learn the new language and make it a recurring part of your life? It should be a non-negotiable part of your day. You will have to create a realistic routine so that you don’t give up in case you lose motivation. That’s a secret to learning a new language.

Always remember the purpose

There will come times when you would want to give up but as long as you remember why you are learning the new language, you will find the lost motivation. Even if it is going to be a long learning journey, you must keep going. This will keep you on track.

Keep on tracking your progress  

It is recommended to keep a track of your progress as you learn the new language and celebrate the small victors. This will help you boost your motivation. This journey will involve traveling, new experiences and events so why not capture those moments and make a journal? If there is an element of fun attached, learning will become a lot easier.

As long as you keep it simple and focus on what’s important, you will successfully learn the second language. Keep on practicing to get better at it.