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The Best Way To Use The Creatine Supplements

Several people have their own ideas on how the creatine should be taken. The results in the creatine use is affected by the different measures that you take when partaking the drugs. The creatine is very useful for the body especially during the weightlifting exercises. Below are the simplest ways to achieve results with the use of the creatine.

Loading Of The Creatine

You can quickly get the maximum benefits by using high dosages during the first few days of the supplement use. This is an effective way as most of your muscles will have the creatine supplements. The saturation of the supplements encourages absorptions. You can take the maximum servings which are 25 grams and ensure that you separate on the different times of servings. You should follow the same routine up to a maximum of seven days. Your body gets used up to the creatine with the loading process.

Change To The Maintenance Phase

Once you have loaded your muscles with the creatine, you should shift the focus to the maintaining phase. The maintenance is based on the trial and error to find the dosage that is suited for your body. You can begin the process by taking five grams and adding few grams until you find the dosage that fits you. You should try to subdivide the serving into two or more parts. Subdivision of the serving helps in the absorption of the creatine.

The Best Time To Take Creatine

It is advisable that you take your creatine immediately after exercising. Taking the supplements on the empty stomach facilitate faster absorption. The after-exercise intake of the creatine is considered to have several benefits.

What To Take The Creatine With

The creatine can be taken with the accompaniments when you are sure of the type pf the creatine that you are consuming. When consuming the creatine, you should be sure if you are taking the plain monohydrate type or the modified type. When using the simple type of the creatine, you should take them with juice for the fast action. You should avoid the citric juices as they inhibit the effectiveness of the creatine.

You should ensure that you take maximum amounts of water when training to increase the absorption of the supplements. You should not drink coffee when taking the supplements for the maximum effects. You will increase the rate of the absorption of the creatine when you take it with a mixture of proteins.

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